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High-speed Turnout Prosenice, Czech Republic

From 20 to 23 April 2020, two high-speed turnouts type J60-1:33,5-8000/4000/14000-PHS manufactured by our company were installed at the Prosenice railway station. These are the first turnouts of this design, which will be located in the Czech railway network operated by Správa železnic, s.o. The turnouts are part of a single crossover on the Přerov station head, while the length of the crossover will be extended from the original 157 m to 307 m and will allow an increase in speed in the branch line from 100 to 160 km / h. One of the turnouts is equipped with a multiple actuation and locking hydraulic system DTZ 6/3 developed and manufactured by our company specifically for application in high-speed turnouts. This is the first application of this system in the network operated by Správa železnic, s.o. A number of sensors have also been installed in both turnouts to help monitor the turnout during the five-year operational verification in terms of the parameters set to evaluate the dynamic response to passing vehicles.

Academic institutions dealing with the topic of evaluating the influence of the vehicle on the behaviour of the railway superstructure and substructure will also be involved in the assessment. The results will be used for other research projects focused on the design of a DT new generation of high-speed turnouts.

You can watch the video from the transport and installation of the turnouts here.