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We offer railway turnout constructions for:

  • high speed tracks - railway corridors
  • heavy haul tracks
  • LRT system
  • underground tracks, mines
  • industrial tracks and sidings, ports

Types of constructions:

  • single turnout
  • curved turnout
  • diamond crossing
  • crossover, double crossover
  • single slip, double slip

Up-to-date turnout constructions
are delivered mostly on concrete sleepers and are designated for high-speed tracks – 160km/hod.

At customer's request, we also supply turnouts lied onto wooden and steel sleepers.

We also manufacture spare parts for all turnout constructions that we deliver.



  • swing nose crossings
  • cast crossings (manganese steel casting, bainitic steel casting)
  • vee crossings
  • built-up crossings

We offer crossings in various designs according to the use and especially with respect to the traffic load and intensity.

Other components:

  • switch rails, stock rails, check rails
  • sliding chairs
  • integrated roller chairs
  • expansion devices
  • turntables
  • trough sleeper
  • transition rails
  • rail retarders
  • buffer stops