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Development of a smart diagnostic system within a project "Turnout 4.0"


Development of a smart diagnostic system within a project

In April 2020, a new research project called "Turnout 4.0" was launched. This project is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. We are proud to be the leader of the project and to have Brno University of Tehcnology (Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), University of Pardubice (Faculty of Transport Engineering) and the company RETIA, a.s. as partners.

The project aims to design an intelligent diagnostic system for railway switches and crossings (S&C). This system should detect in time the deterioration of the technical condition or failure of the S&C and allows the infrastructure manager to introduce predictive maintenance. The project will develop, build and test a HW and SW solution that is durable enough for years of use. The tool will be modular and without affecting the operation and maintenance of S&C. The project will also focus on the development of intelligent evaluation algorithms that can assess the state of the S&C design based on the dynamic response at the S&C and the vehicle. The project should contribute to extending the lifetime of the S&C structure and reducing the LCC.

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