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We realize that to be able to adapt to the new trends and standards, flexible and quick reponse to the demands of our customer is a key to success. We currently focus on the following trends:

  • reduction of noise and vibration
  • higher service life and durability
  • manufacture of maintenance-free parts, with positive influence on ecology and easy replacement of spare parts

The certification process of a newly developed part has the following stages:

  1. Firstly, a motive to develop a new parts for railway or tramway turnout is going through an assessment of the patent rights.
  2. The proposal of several design variants is carried out. After opponent process, our experts specifies the final appearance of the given prototype part with respect to the design, technology, manufacture and marketing.
  3. The selected prototype part is manufactured.
  4. Validation – the defined parameters are verified at the testing track within the common operation. The period of testing lasts usually 1-3 years.
  5. After a successful validation the part is introduced into the product sheet and offered to the customers.